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How I Passed the DVA-C02 AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam

This write-up covers the details of how I passed the AWS Developer Associate exam.

Materials Used

To learn the material, I used Neil Davis’s AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Training DVA-C02 Udemy course.

For the practice exams, I used Tutorials Dojo AWS Certified Developer Associate DVA-C02 Practice Exams 2023, AWS Skill Builder practice questions, and the sample exam questions listed on the AWS certification website.

The practice exams were great for showing me topics I needed to learn more on. From there, I would read the AWS documentation about the service, as well as I would try using the service for myself through both the AWS console and the CLI. This helped fill in any knowledge gaps and allowed me to better understand the services overall.

Total Study Time

I dedicated two weeks to study for this certification, studying around 3 hours each day. Granted, I did already have my AWS Certified Cloud Practioner (CLF-C01) and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03). Having both of these other certifications definitely helped shorten my study time, since there is a good amount of overlap from the SAA-C03 material. I spent the first 11 days going through course material, and the last 3 days taking practice exams.

Practice Exam Scores

I took a total of 3 practice exams, as well as the 20 question practice exam question set from AWS Skill Builder, and the sample exam questions. The first practice exam I took was the one that was included with Neil Davis’s Udemy course, I scored a 70%. After that, I reviewed the topics I was the least familiar with, and then went onto take the Tutorials Dojo exams. I scored a 67% on my first Tutorials Dojo exam, and a 71% on my second one. From there, I shifted to AWS Skill Builder and the sample exam questions listed on the AWS documentation.

I found that the practice exams were best for identifying what I didn’t know, but they were not extremely similar to the actual exam. The questions that were closest to the actual exam were the AWS Skill Builder practice questions, as well as the sample exam questions from AWS.


Overall, it was a challenging exam and it requires you to know the material very well. I would strongly recommend this certification for anyone looking to become more familiar with developing applications on AWS. If you have any questions about my experience with the exam, please reach out below.

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