How I Passed the SCS-C02 AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam

This write-up covers the details of how I passed the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam.

Materials Used

To learn the material, I used Adrian Cantrill’s Security Specialty course. I found Adrian’s course extremely helpful for learning the material in depth, and getting hands on practical experience via the demos.

For the practice exam, I used the Skill Builder Exam Prep Official Practice Exam: AWS Certified Security – Specialty.

Total Study Time / Practice Exam Score

I studied for this certification for about one month straight. I first went through all of Adrian Cantrill’s videos, which took about 3.5 weeks. The day before my exam, I took the practice test mentioned above and passed with an 807/1000.


The AWS Certified Security – Specialty Certification validates your expertise in security solutions on the AWS Cloud. It covers a wide range of topics, including security architecture, identity and access management, data protection, encryption, and incident response.
I believe that the material covered on the exam helped me strengthen my AWS security knowledge, and I highly recommend this exam for anyone looking to learn more about securing their AWS workloads.

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